EU Projects


ČeMeBo company takes its role in protecting the environment in connection with the manufacture of printed circuit boards and related activities, seriously. We are constantly looking for new ways to reduce environmental pollution by efficiently working with natural resources, as well as paying special attention to waste management and the safe handling of chemicals, whereby the ethos is to be prepared for every eventuality and implement appropriate measures to prevent emergency situations.  However, when such a situation occurs, we adhere to the emergency plans drawn up in accordance with applicable legislation to minimize the negative impacts on the environment. We recognize the need for environmental management to be one of the company´s priorities, of which the main component is the continuous improvement in environmental protection through continuous staff training and constant communication with customers and suppliers. We influence their environmental awareness and responsible behaviour towards the environment through innovations in production processes, thereby reducing production energy requirements. In 2015, as part of these efforts, we successfully completed the OPEIC project within the framework of the Fourth Challenge Grant Programme: Innovation - Innovation Project.

We monitor our impact on the environment and continuously look for greener, more efficient and environmentally friendly solutions in all areas and activities.

All our products are packaged in recyclable and environmentally friendly packaging materials. In addition, we have contractual arrangements in place with EKOKOM a. s. for the disposal of all packaging materials (used for products supplied to the Czech market).


Similar contractual arrangements are in place with SITA a. s. for the purchase of all the company´s sorted waste (including electrical waste). In 2015, we also established a free portable battery and accumulator collection site at our plant. This not only serves the needs of our company, but also that of all our employees

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